College Life

April 2017-March 2018

April -8 Spring Vacation
9 Entrance Ceremony
10 Opening Ceremony
22 College Foundation Anniversary
27,28 Orientation for Freshmen
May 1,2 Class Observation Days
8-12 3rd Graders' Guidance Sessions
2nd Graders' Guidance Sessions
31-6/6 Midterm Examinations(Regular Courses)
June 24,25 Parents' Meeting(Regular Courses)
29-7/16 Shikoku Regional Technical College Sports Tournament
July 27-8/3 1st Semester Final Examinations(Regular and Advanced Courses)
August 10,11 Yosakoi Festival
12-9/24 Summer Vacation
18-27 National Technical College Sports Tournament(in Kanto And Shin-etsu Region)
19,20 Open Campus
September 29 College Trial Enrollment
October 2 First Day of the 2nd Semester
8 Shikoku Regional Technical College Robot Contest(in Kochi)
8,9 National Programming Contest(in Oshima)
14 Campus Tour
16-20 Factory Visit Excursion
21,22 Parents' Meeting
31,11/1 Class Matches
November 4,5 Seishun Festival(Open to the Public)
24-30 Midterm Examination(Regular Courses)
December 2,3 National Technical College Design Competition(in Gifu)
3 National Technical College Robot Contest
9,10 Shikoku Regional Culture Festival for Technical College(in Niihama)
25-1/8 Winter Vacation
January 11 Academic Ability Test
20 Special Research Presentation(Advanced Courses)
Internship Report Presentation
Club Leaders' Guidance Session
February 13-15 Final Examinations(2nd Year of Advanced Courses)
13-20 2nd Semester Final Examinations(Regular Courses)
28 Closing Ceremony(Regular Courses)
March 1 Joint Job Fair
15 Graduation Ceremony
20- Year-End Vacation