Regular Courses (for 4th - 5th grade students in 2018)

【Department of Mechanical Engineering】

In practical, manufacturing things including energy and environmental equipment, digital consumer electronics, and new materials, requires the knowledge about designing, building, performance prediction and maintenance of machinery and equipment. As a basis for the knowledge, students at the Department of Mechanical Engineering study material strength, dynamics, fluid flow and energy conversion, and then they learn to acquire applied knowledge through the experiments and practices.
Through the education and researches at the department, students are expected to be practical engineers who can meet the demand of the coming future.


【Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Science】

Electrical, electronic and information engineering play a leading role in the industry as innovative and leading-edge technology fields.

As a basis for them, students at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Science study wide range of subjects, such as electromagnetism, electric and electronic circuits, electric measurement, and information processing; semiconductors, communications, systems control and energies; manufacturing using combined knowledge in electrical, electronic and information engineering, and then they learn to acquire problem solving capability through the creative education seminars (in 4th grade) and graduation researches (in 5th grade). Through the education at the department, students are expected to be excellent engineers who can meet the demand of the coming future.


【Department of Materials Science and Engineering】

The subjects to study at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, including chemistry, biology, materials, environment, production and quality management are the basis for every industry.
Also, those academic disciplines play important roles to solve various challenges regarding environment, energy and resources, and food, that human-beings are facing today and to drive innovation in the fields of information and communications, healthcare, and so on.
Among the most expected fields of science and technology are new materials and biotechnology.

Students at this department are separated into two academic courses, Materials Chemistry course and Biology and Industrial Engineering course, in the 4th grade to learn more specialized knowledge through the lectures and experiments.


【Department of Environmental Civil Engineering and Architecture】

Civil engineering and architecture are the technologies for constructing public facilities, buildings and structures while sustaining harmony with nature, and for building livable communities.
The Department of Environmental Civil Engineering is a department where students can comprehensively study civil engineering that focuses on constructing social infrastructure including roads, bridges, dams, and riverwalls, and architecture that focuses on designing spaces including houses and buildings, to become practical and creative engineers.