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Education and Research Support Center
Regional Technology Collaboration Center
Active Learning Education Center
Comprehensive Student Support Center
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Learning Support Office
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Equipped with facilities that maximize utilization of academic information resources within and outside NIT, Kochi College, the library is striving to support educational and academic activities of our college.
The library is open to the community citizens and external users as well.
* From the library web site, you can search online for books that it owns.


810.jpgStudent Dormitories (Sessei-ryo)

The aim of the student dormitories (Sessei-ryo) is to foster profound friendship and good personality through the communal life under disciplined control.

All the 1st grade students that wish to enter dormitories are considered and admitted in principle. As for students in the 2nd grade and above, significant proportion of applicants are admitted after careful consideration.

In Sessei-ryo, various events such as recreational and communication events are planned and held under the leadership of tutors and boarder representatives to deepen mutual friendship.


078.jpgInformation Processing Center

The Information Processing Center provides wide range of ICT-related services on campus such as managing educational information processing system and operating various servers for administrative information system.

The educational information processing system includes 165 computer terminals installed in the laboratories in the Information Processing Center, personal computer rooms 1 and 2 in Advanced Course Wing, the Library and other joint use facilities on campus, and used in approximately 40 lectures and exercises.

The administrative information system consists of mail server, WWW server, groupware server, various educational system servers, and authentication server, provides all sorts of services necessary for day-to-day operations. Furthermore, as NIT, Kochi College is assigned as a base college of ICT education, providing pioneer education to lead to other technical colleges is incorporated in the annual plan.

The center is supporting such activities in the technical aspect.


Education and Research Support Center

The Education and Research Support Center was established in 2009 to promote various technical support activities effectively utilizing human and material resources regarding technical assistance that NIT, Kochi College owns.

The center is aiming to contribute to improve educational support system of NIT, Kochi College including providing assistance for students' experiments, practices, and graduation researches, for teaching staff's education and researches, for regional technological needs, by managing specialized technical matters systematically and efficiently, enhancing research ability and performance of the involved staff.

The center is led by the director, deputy director and technical chief, and has two technical groups, each consisting of group leader, technical specialists, and technical staff to cover five technical fields.

Director of Education and Research Support Center
Deputy Director
Technical Chief

The 1st Technical Group

・Providing technical assistance on students' experiments, training, and graduation researches at Mechanical Workshop
・Administration and operation of Mechanical Workshop
・Providing technical development and technical assistance as educational and research support
・Operating and maintaining instruments for educational and research use Providing regional technical assistance
・Conducting studies and researches on technical workshop
・Providing technical assistance to various projects

The 2nd Technical Group

・Providing technical assistance on students' experiments,
training, and graduation researches
・Providing information security services and technical assistance on students' exercises in the Information Processing Center
・Providing technical development and technical assistance as educational and research support
・Operating and maintaining instruments for educational and research use Managing instruments of laboratories
・Providing regional technical assistance
・Conducting studies and researches on technical workshop
・Providing technical assistance to various projects


Regional Technology Collaboration Center

With close cooperation with regional society, the Regional Technology Collaboration Center is aiming to be the base of regional vitalization and local industry development effectively utilizing human and material resources that NIT, Kochi College owns.

The center provides educational assistance including delivering visiting lectures and helping human resources development of local businesses, collaborates with Kochi Regional Collaboration Center (KoCoPla), and conducts joint researches for technical improvement with companies and organizations in and out of the prefecture, to contribute to the prosperity of regional industry and culture.

Regional Collaboration and Research Support
Industry-Academia Collaboration Category Regional Educational Collaboration Category
Technical Guidance
Joint Researches
Contracted Researches
Contracted Tests and Other
Visiting Lectures
Lectures Open to the Public
Presentations in Local Events
Regional Collaboration Activities


Active Learning Education Center

The Active Learning Education Center is working on wide variety of faculty development (FD) activities, such as building appropriate class atmosphere, assessing various teaching techniques and skills, administering class observations, and holding workshops and seminars for education improvement.

Also, the center is making effort to promote various forms of active learning on campus, such as arranging environment which enables education using ICT with cooperation with the Information Processing Center


Comprehensive Student Support Center

The Comprehensive Student Support Center was established in 2016 to provide comprehensive support to students.

The Career Support Office, which provides assistance on students' career, the Learning Support Office, which provides aid for students' academic development, and the Student Counseling Office, which provides care about students' mental aspect, are cooperating with each other to be able to effectively support students in need.



Career Support Office

The Career Support Office was established to systematically plan and provide career assistance for students and enhance support system.

The office is providing various services such as career education programs, job-hunting assistance, and support for students who wish to continue higher educations, for the purpose of helping social and occupational independence of students, which is emphasized in the educational policy of our college.



Learning Support Office

The Learning Support Office was established in 2016 in the Comprehensive Student Support Center.

It aims to provide assistance on students' academic aspect with close cooperation with Student Counseling Office and Career Support Office.


Student Counseling Office

The Student Counseling Office was established to help students overcome various questions, anxieties and worries, and thereby grow as persons.

Dedicated counselors are in the office during the lunch time and after classes to provide counseling services.

A psychiatrist (in 2008) and a social worker (in 2013) joined the team.

Also, peer supporter system is introduced in 2011, in which advanced-course students provide counseling service to younger students.



International Exchange Office

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 The International Exchange Office has been established to promote international education, including research and student exchange. It provides academic and student life support while cultivating exchange agreements with overseas institutions.
 The activities developed through the International Exchange Office foster development of engineers who embrace global perspectives through international student exchange, school trips abroad, immersive language study and overseas internships.